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What are your responsibilities at Lindley Law?


I am the newest attorney with the firm, and collaborate with Satie Munn and Trey Lindley on all of our cases.  I have also had the pleasure of taking over a few cases of my own.  I enjoy the breadth of practice areas our firm encompasses, as each new case and new client presents its own unique challenges.  I draft pleadings and other documents in all manner of civil disputes, assist clients with transactional needs, and appear in special proceedings before clerks of court and magistrates.

I am also the author of our blog posts, tapping into my prior professional experience in marketing.  I try to post interesting, topically diverse articles that entertain and inform attorneys and non-attorneys alike.


What is your favorite part about working at Lindley Law?


I enjoy the human element of the firm.  By that, I mean being in a small office allows for close working relationships with my colleagues.  In my short time here, we have grown to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and enjoy the process of meeting our clients’ needs together.  Being in a small firm also allows for more interactions with clients.  When I applied to law school, I looked forward to a professional role that provided frequent touch points with the clients.  It is these touch points that reenergize and reinvigorate me as I work to solve my clients’ problems and advocate for their interests.  Finally, being in a small firm places me in direct contact with opposing counsel.  I enjoy the challenge of working with opposing counsel to resolve disputes and achieve results to benefit our clients.


How long have you worked for Lindley Law?


My first day at Lindley Law was January 2, 2019.  My family and I moved to Charlotte from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  New year, new city, new job.  There’s something poetic about that, although I don’t know if I’m creative enough to articulate it.


What did you do prior to working at Lindley Law?


Before I joined Lindley Law, I worked for the BullDox team at Womble Bond Dickinson (US).  There, I served some of the firm’s largest clients in discovery support and document review and production.  I was also active in numerous firm pro bono initiatives, including assisting clients through the NC LEAP program that pairs attorneys with entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Additionally, I volunteered with Triangle ArtWorks, a Raleigh nonprofit organization that provided legal and business support to artists and arts businesses across North Carolina.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working?


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids.  Madeline, 8, is artistic as she is athletic.  We enjoy playing music together, but you can also find us at the soccer field or practicing her gymnastics.  Declan, 10 months, has more energy and personality than his parents could have ever anticipated.  He loves playing at the park, going on stroller rides, people watching, and chasing his big sister as best he can.


In my down time, I enjoy playing music and soccer.


What is one fact not everyone knows about you?


The summer before my junior year of high school, my family moved to South Carolina from Georgia.  My new school’s graduation requirements meant I would need to take one more arts course before I could receive my diploma.  Begrudgingly, I signed up for Fine Arts – I couldn’t draw, and I didn’t learn to play music until later in life, so theater seemed like the safest bet.  Within days, I was hooked.  I performed in school plays throughout the remainder of high school, took further fine arts courses in college, and volunteered with a community theater in South Carolina prior to attending law school.


As a law student, I still wasn’t ready to let go of my thespian roots.  I performed in and hosted the Law Revue comedy show, a one-night performance featuring skits, videos, and songs.  Each year, our performance raised money to fund student pro bono initiatives.  In one video, a friend and I learned and performed the choreography for Single Ladies by Beyoncé.  Why, you might ask?  Why not, I would answer.

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