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    Six Basic Questions and Answers about Executors

              If you have a will or have ever dealt with estate administration, you are probably familiar with the term “executor.”   However, most people don’t know what an executor is or what the executor’s role is.  Additionally, what do you do if you suspect an executor is behaving fraudulently or contrary to the deceased person’s wishes?…

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    Six Ways to Challenge a Will’s Validity

              Wills must meet several basic requirements to be valid and enforceable under state law.  If any of the below factors are at work, then a will’s validity may be challenged.   (1) Undue Influence              Undue influence exists when a person uses coercion to influence the testator (the person creating a…

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    Lindley Law Secures Order Striking Deed from Chain of Title

    Earlier this month, Lindley Law secured an order declaring a contested deed null and void for lack of proper authentication.  Representing the guardian of the estate of an elderly woman who was adjudicated incompetent, Lindley Law sought to protect her property interest from an attempted transfer by her son.   Lindley Law alleged the deed was invalid under eight different…