Disclaimer: The testimonials included in this website relate to specific experiences and/or regard specific factual and legal circumstances unique to each client’s case. Lindley Law, PLLC makes no express or implied representation that the same results will be obtained for other clients involved in similar matters.
Richard A. Rinaldi
President, ORA Consulting

I had the good fortune of working with Trey as a litigator on a protracted lawsuit. During, often trying periods, I found Trey to have excellent verbal skills and the ability to reduce complex legal issues into basic, understandable terms. Watching him at trial virtually destruct an opponent’s credibility was like watching sheer artistry at work. Through his efforts we won a significant financial award.

For over 10 years, Trey has given me strategic and practical advice (albeit sometimes stern and unwanted) and always steers me in the direction of my best interests. He has guided me through some of the toughest situations I’ve ever faced, without losing patience or vigilance, and always takes the time to explain his advice. Every phone call and email has been promptly and personally returned with concern, regardless of the time or importance of the matter. The best description I can give of Trey is that he is genuine, professional, and truly cares about every single client he represents. Simply put, attorneys like Trey are exceptionally rare. He will be my counselor and friend for life, and I hope that others will get to experience his care and expertise.

Kathleen Ritz
President/CEO, Ritz Marketing, Inc.
Cathy Brown

Family matters are tough and trials are harder, but I always knew I made the right choice with Trey. He was the most prepared attorney in the courtroom and knew every detail of my case. Brilliant, relentless, intelligent, and compassionate—I could never give enough thanks to Trey for his tireless dedication to me during my trial.

Trey Lindley is at the top of his game and one of the premier commercial litigators. Not only does Mr. Lindley offer a vast wealth of substantive knowledge and experience, I have found him to be extremely efficient and cost-effective. He works well with other counsel to achieve the best result for the client and avoids the parochial behavior that can interfere with achieving the simplest and best solution for a business issue. I would highly recommend Mr. Lindley and his team.

Skye McMahan
Director of Operations, Duvall Investment Group, Inc.
Ed Cota
UNC Basketball Legend

Trey Lindley is a brilliant strategist whose diligence and thorough knowledge of the law ensures clients that they are getting the best representation possible. Professional, yet personable, he is able to aggressively and intellectually litigate complex situations with ease and secure verdicts and settlements in the best interest of his clients. I assure you he is the MAN for the Job.

I enlisted Trey's services at one of the most confusing and unpleasant times of my life; his knowledge, support, and sensitivity made a devastating experience bearable. Not only were my legal interests protected, but my mind was constantly kept at ease. Every moment with Trey is one filled with sincere trust, both in his morals and abilities. 

Paige Mayfield
Co-Author, The Efficient Vegan
Gene Dennis
Chief Executive Officer, Prestige Insurance Agency

I have had the pleasure of working with Trey Lindley in the recent past on a couple of different legal issues. First, I would like to state that his professionalism stood out to me as did his knowledge of the law. Secondly, the results he was able to achieve were outstanding. I had come into a situation in which I believed that we were doomed by a time constraint, but Trey was able to turn the situation around and obtain a very favorable outcome. I am impressed with Trey, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

I and Wilkie Construction Company have worked with and been associated with Trey Lindley for more than seven years. During this time, Wilkie Construction Company engaged Trey’s legal services and law expertise on several lawsuits. On each case, Trey showed his professionalism, dedication, and knowledge while providing Wilkie with complete and comprehensive legal advice on all our cases. I endorse and recommend Trey Lindley and Lindley Law, PLLC to your and your firm.

Dean E. Wilkie
Past President and CEO, Wilkie Construction Co., Inc.
Chris "Mr. Uptown" Bonnefoux
Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Exclusive

I hired Trey Lindley to represent me in a case and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Not only did he deliver the results I was looking for, but he was also very attentive to my needs, easily reachable (with fast response time), efficient, and very clear explaining all the details throughout the case—all of which was very helpful to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I worked with Trey for over five years while managing the cash flow for a nationwide company with over $100 million in annual sales. Trey was able to collect on our past due accounts using well researched and reliable techniques. He was also extremely helpful maintaining our most challenging accounts not only using the law, but common sense. I highly recommend Trey Lindley for your legal needs.

Steve Byrd, MS CBA
former Manager of Corporate Credit Services, John Boyle Co. Inc. 
Chad Faglier
Managing Member, Cobalt DBS

We have been fortunate enough to serve the Charlotte community as a General Contractor and Residential Developer for over a decade. During this time we have consistently relied on the services of Trey Lindley and he has been an invaluable asset to our firm, without fail. He is a highly skilled litigator and has an acute mastery of contract law. We have trusted him with millions of dollars in assets without hesitation. His integrity is without question and his loyalty to our firm has far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend him and consider him to be in the top echelon of attorneys.

Trey was able to handle with expert ability and professionalism a very difficult situation we found ourselves in with a General Contractor. He gave brilliant advice and used his expert negotiating skills to get us a sizeable settlement, from a circumstance that we felt was very doubtful. We would highly recommend Trey, and have, to others that find themselves in need of an attorney.

Kelly Morton
President, Central Environmental Systems & Services, Inc.
Shane Higginbotham
Chief Operating Officer, ITC Millwork, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Trey for many years and on multiple cases. His attention to detail and lines of communication are impeccable. I would personally highly recommend him to represent any person and/or company.

Mr. Lindley represented an insurance carrier client of ours for domestication of a New York judgment against North Carolina defendants and enforcement of the judgment in North Carolina.  The judgment and enforcement efforts were components of a much larger litigation involving significant complexity.  I found Mr. Lindley to be extremely responsive, professional, and competent in connection with a very difficult situation.  I would not hesitate to use Mr. Lindley for other matters requiring North Carolina counsel.

Albert J. Millus, Jr.
Partner, Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP
Pete Byer
President, SAEDACCO

I have worked with Trey for several years now and he has continued to impress me with his attentiveness to my company and thorough handling of our legal needs.  When situations arise that require his expertise, I know I can count on him as a relied upon business partner. 

 I was fortunate to have Trey represent me in an employer contract dispute.  Trey invested the time to thoroughly understand my case and presented sound, well researched arguments to the opposing party. He was efficient with his time management and kept costs within projections.  The successful outcome was direct result of his experience in negotiating a complex situation through the court system labyrinth.

Brian Muscarella
Jamie Best
Chief Financial Officer, Magic One

I have dealt with Trey on many different business issues, from employee commission and non-compete issues to general corporate governance, and he has always advised me correctly and with my business person’s mind-set.

I have worked with Trey on litigation matters regarding real estate valuation and found him to be responsive, thorough, and a true professional. He is attentive to his clients’ needs and knowledgeable in his field of expertise.

Carol Lomax Fortenberry
Partner, Fortenberry Lambert, Inc.
Will Lisk
Chief Financial Officer, South Central Oil Company, Inc.

When faced with a potential lawsuit from our main supplier, our company found Trey’s legal advice invaluable.  With his guidance, we were able to properly defend ourselves and achieve a favorable outcome which also allowed us to continue to grow our third generation business.   Additionally, the advice and knowledge gleaned from this situation enabled us to position ourselves more defensively to prevent similar situations in the future.

While having a couple of opportunities to work with Trey in the past, I have found his professionalism, drive and, most importantly, attention to detail exemplary. He is a resource that provides comfort and confidence for our business.

JD Liston
General Manager, America’s Home Place, Inc.
Brenda Van Valen, CFP(R), CTFA, CWS(R)
Senior Vice President, Reliance Trust Company

I have worked with Trey for several years, and utilized his services for litigation regarding a special needs trust.  He walked the family and myself through the process, and was able to win a financial settlement for our client.  I am happy to recommend Trey as an excellent trust and estate litigator.

A few years ago I employed the services of Trey Lindley while he was at Johnston, Allison & Hord in Charlotte, NC. I was very pleased and impressed with his professionalism and expertise. He made the client/attorney relationship a very comfortable one during a difficult legal process. I would highly recommend Trey for any legal work one might require.

Sandra K. Engstrom
Brandon Viebrock
Owner of Revolution clothing store and Mortimer’s Pub, Leroy Fox, and Cowbell restaurants

I have known Trey Lindley both personally and professionally for over 10 years now. Not only do I consider him a friend, but also someone I could turn to and trust in a time of need. That time did come between Trey and I and he was there for me without a second thought. Unfortunately, there ended up being a conflict, but Trey guided me to an incredible firm that held my hand through a very trying experience. I wish him all the best in his enterprising future and in all he accomplishes and if I ever I am faced again with the monsters that lurk in our daily travels, Trey will be my guy.

Trey was an effective advocate and key negotiator in settling the cause of action I brought against a third party.

Bobby Drakeford
Owner, The Drakeford Company
Disclaimer: The testimonials included in this website relate to specific experiences and/or regard specific factual and legal circumstances unique to each client’s case. Lindley Law, PLLC makes no express or implied representation that the same results will be obtained for other clients involved in similar matters.