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Discovering Lindley Law, an Interview with Trey Lindley

          When founding Lindley Law, my vision was to create a boutique litigation practice known as one of the best in the region for the services we offer, primarily in civil litigation.  What separates Lindley Law from other law firms is our dedication to clients, commitment to engaging in meaningful work, and ability to adapt and create solutions for our clients and our business.


          No law firm exists without clients.  We are here to serve them; they aren’t here to serve us. I mean it when I say we hold the needs of our clients paramount. Vigilance is the word that most comes to mind when thinking about the firm’s continued success.  One, we exercise vigilance in terms of our clients to make sure they are satisfied with our services and confident about the work we perform.  The best way to show clients we are doing the best job to effectuate their goals is through keeping them informed and maintaining open lines of communication.  Simultaneously, we need to continue to be vigilant about our business.  This means recognizing trends in the legal profession, identifying opportunities to serve our clients, and broadening our practice base to accommodate their growing needs.


                Many litigation attorneys don’t necessarily give much thought to limiting client costs and fees.  We are always trying to find opportunities to resolve clients’ disputes in ways that get to the heart of what they want to accomplish (rather than reflexively decimating the other side), and we work with them to try to get there as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Often, that means recommending avenues of resolution that result in less profitability for the firm.  That’s okay, because if we are doing the best job for every client to get the best result for their situation, we are going to increase overall client satisfaction, enhance our goodwill in the community, and increase the likelihood of client referrals.  There are, of course, times when going to trial is necessary, but I don’t think people necessarily feel like they receive better service after winning a trial if they had to pay through the nose to get there.


          At Lindley Law, we have several advantages over other firms, two of which are our youth and our size. As a small firm, everyone’s ideas, needs, and expectations are given more attention – including our clients.  I want our people to genuinely enjoy what they are doing.  I know I’m happier, more productive, and more fulfilled when I’m doing things I find meaningful.  I want our employees to recognize they are making a difference in our clients’ lives and businesses.  I want our clients to feel the same way– that their needs are being met, that they are getting exceptional value, that they have the fastidious attention of their lawyer, and, regardless of the outcome, that they are wholeheartedly satisfied with the services received.  I’m trying to build a place that holds those objectives above profitability.  I believe if you do those things, success will naturally follow.


          We are also a very young firm and, as such, have the ability to be more agile and flexible than many of our competitors.  Being more entrepreneurially minded, we can be creative in terms of how we approach fee structures in light of clients’ ultimate objectives.  Simply put, we are open to different ways of handling client matters because we don’t have multiple layers of bureaucracy or hierarchy in decision-making.  Rather than traditional, lock step fee arrangements, make decisions on individualized bases, giving due regard to what best fits our firm ethos and value set.


          I know that no one grows by doing the same thing they’ve done every day of their lives.  You only grow by facing and overcoming challenges, trying new things, and learning more about yourself and your abilities.  Starting Lindley Law two years ago has been and continues to be an opportunity for growth for me.  I look forward to seeing where this firm is going to take me, my employees, and our clients, and it is my hope that we see sustained growth and longevity.