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Human Lawyer Podcast: Trey Lindley

Trey Lindley was recently invited to participate in a podcast with The Human Lawyer.

CLICK HERE to listen to his interview and learn more about Trey and our office! Happy listening!


Here is what The Human Lawyer has to say about the interview: 

“Trey Lindley is a unicorn, a Charlotte native in a city of transients. He’s also a high achiever, a double Tar Heel, graduating in the top three percent of his class in undergrad, and with honors from law school. Trey wouldn’t know underachievement if it slapped him in the face.

He’s been recognized in a variety of ways: a Rising Star, a Super Lawyer, and one of Charlotte’s top 40 business leaders Under 40. And his skills can be applied in a variety of contexts, like representing someone who had a winning lottery ticket stolen.

From afar, one of the coolest things about Trey is his law office, located off of 10th Street in Uptown Charlotte’s historic Fourth Ward. A quick survey (read: Google search) of Trey yields this conclusion: the guy is an entrepreneur dressed in lawyer’s clothing.

He finds his way to some of our city’s most newsworthy cases, and always seems to embrace an intellectual challenge.

We’re here to learn more about, Trey, but we’re really here for the twin min pins story.”