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Introducing Odyssey: North Carolina Courts’ New E-Filing System

On April 21, 2021, The Supreme Court of North Carolina adopted amendments to its General Rules of Practice for the Superior and District Courts related to the Judicial Branch’s ongoing eCourts initiative.  The amendments, which will become effective May 10, 2021, pave the way for the implementation of Odyssey, a statewide electronic-filing and case-management system, to begin this summer.  While the entire implementation process is expected to take approximately five years, Mecklenburg County, as an “early adopter,” is expected to begin rollout later this year.


Currently, North Carolina still operates under a paper filing system; parties must print their documents and physically file them with the Court in hard-copy form.  The new electronic system will provide electronic filing services, improved electronic calendar management for hearings and trials, a secure and modernized repository for case information and documents, and other electronic benefits, both in the courtroom and during pre-trial processes.  For clients, the new electronic system will lower the administrative costs associated with printing and filing documents and streamline the process for getting their cases resolved.


Lindley Law is excited to continue serving our clients in cost-effective ways through the use of North Carolina’s upcoming electronic-filing and case-management system.  For more information regarding our firm, attorneys, and practice areas, please visit our website at