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Rhonda “Roni” Parker joined the Lindley Law family as our Office Manager in November 2021.  We sat down with Roni and asked her a few questions to help our clients and colleagues get to know her a little better.  Here’s what Roni had to say!

What are your responsibilities at Lindley Law?

“I work to start the day off setting up for structure for the firm as well as work to be the ear of reason with potential and current clients.  I am the gate keeper and the lady who wears many hats to handle the needs of the firm and our clients.  My goal is to know that all was handled for everyone for the day and be prepared for the new adventures of tomorrow.”

What is your favorite part about working at Lindley Law?

“I have to say my favorite part is learning from not only the legal side but from the experiences I hear from potential and current clients’ situations.  Learning is always growing, and I value that!”

What are your most important goals for your position and for the firm overall?

“I feel the most important thing in my position is to make sure all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted for the attorneys, and that is a full day’s task on its own that I take pride in.  My goal for potential clients and current clients is to help them find peace in the most unwanted situations they have found themselves in and to make them laugh and smile and give them comfort that we are the firm that will work to give them peace and resolution to our utmost ability.”

What did you do prior to working at Lindley Law?

“I always share that my past life was Human Resources in its fullest.  I worked to handle a team of 250 employees that worked throughout four-star hotels in Charlotte, and that was fulfilling.  I worked to be a leader who was compassionate and understanding.  I did not ask my team to do anything they did not see me do, and I worked hard to create structure and balance and let them know they were of value and not just a worker for the hotel industry.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

“I love to be outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature with my husband and my golden retriever, Samson.  If we are not in our beautiful backyard, we are out enjoying a hiking trail.  I also love family time with our parents and my two wonderful kids.”

What is one fact not everyone knows about you?

“I did 18 years of toe ballet and had the privilege of being instructed by Ferdinand Dingman, who was a dance choreographer for the original West Side Story Musical.  My love and passion of dance also earned me the opportunity to dance and take instruction from Mikhail Baryshnikov.”