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    Elder Abuse: When Aging Relatives May Need Their Own Superhero

    Elder abuse refers to intentional or neglectful acts by a caregiver or associate of an elderly individual, which causes harm.[1] Financial elder abuse occurs when a trusted friend or family member obtains access to a senior’s financial accounts and uses the assets therein for personal gain. Unfortunately, this abuse is widespread in the United States and can happen to anyone, even the legendary creator of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee.   In December Stan Lee turned 95 years old. Although he remains in good physical health, Stan Lee, and his reported $50 million estate, became a prime target for elder abuse following the death of his wife, Joan Lee, last year.…

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    The Battle for Charles Manson’s Estate

    When Charles Manson passed away at age 83 of natural causes* at the Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran California, he left in his wake a potential legal battle over his estate. Three men currently claim to be the rightful beneficiaries to Manson’s estate: a long-time pen pal, a son, and a grandson of Manson.   Notorious cult leader, Charles Manson, and his followers, the Manson Family, were responsible for a brutal murder spree in August of 1969 targeting members of the Hollywood elite.  On his orders, his followers went to Roman Polanski’s house and killed his pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate, along with four others, including the heiress to the Folger’s…

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    Death by Alcohol – Who is [More] at Fault?

              Last week the North Carolina Court of Appeals reversed the lower court’s decision allowing a case involving alcohol poisoning against a hotel and its staff to go forward.[1]  Lisa Davis and her husband Thomas were celebrating their wedding anniversary at the Crown Plaza Resort in October of 2012.  They had dinner at Mulligans, the hotel’s restaurant, and spent four and a half hours there.  Between the two of them, they consumed twenty-four drinks – drinks the restaurant’s employees served them.  Not surprisingly, Lisa was extremely intoxicated.  She was unable to walk and unable to stand up after falling, so the hotel employees put her in…