• Kids Prohibited at Restaurants
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    Is it Legal to Ban Kids from Restaurants?

    There’s a restaurant in my neighborhood that has a “no children in the bar side of the restaurant” rule. It is a family-friendly Italian restaurant with arguably the best pizza in town. We had no idea of the policy, though we noticed that one side of the restaurant always had tons of children. After the birth of our first child we discovered why. When we requested our favorite booth, we were immediately shut down: “no children or babies on the bar side of the restaurant.” With our heads hanging, we made our way to the “kids’ side.” Were we mad? No. Did we understand? Absolutely. Did we still get to…

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    Death by Alcohol – Who is [More] at Fault?

              Last week the North Carolina Court of Appeals reversed the lower court’s decision allowing a case involving alcohol poisoning against a hotel and its staff to go forward.[1]  Lisa Davis and her husband Thomas were celebrating their wedding anniversary at the Crown Plaza Resort in October of 2012.  They had dinner at Mulligans, the hotel’s restaurant, and spent four and a half hours there.  Between the two of them, they consumed twenty-four drinks – drinks the restaurant’s employees served them.  Not surprisingly, Lisa was extremely intoxicated.  She was unable to walk and unable to stand up after falling, so the hotel employees put her in…