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    What You Need to Know about Attorney-Client Privilege and Michael Cohen

    Dominating news headlines this week is the revelation of Michael Cohen’s third mystery client. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney’s home, hotel, and office were raided pursuant to a search warrant and his files were seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In a hearing on Monday, a federal judge ruled that Cohen, could review the materials that the FBI seized, but did not rule on how prosecutors could use the evidence.   Michael Cohen is currently under investigation by prosecutors “for criminal conduct that largely centers on his personal business dealings.” Ten boxes of paper files were confiscated along with computer hard drives and other electronic data storage devices. On…

  • Kids Prohibited at Restaurants
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    Is it Legal to Ban Kids from Restaurants?

    There’s a restaurant in my neighborhood that has a “no children in the bar side of the restaurant” rule. It is a family-friendly Italian restaurant with arguably the best pizza in town. We had no idea of the policy, though we noticed that one side of the restaurant always had tons of children. After the birth of our first child we discovered why. When we requested our favorite booth, we were immediately shut down: “no children or babies on the bar side of the restaurant.” With our heads hanging, we made our way to the “kids’ side.” Were we mad? No. Did we understand? Absolutely. Did we still get to…

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    How Statutes of Limitations May Affect Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers’ Legal Options

    Should the mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault prove to be true – and it’s not looking so good for him – then Harvey Weinstein is a criminal. This isn’t just “bad behavior” or “acting inappropriately.” Sexual assault is a crime punishable by law. However, it is also a tort (a civil wrong) that could result in financial liability if proven in court. Criminal assault and civil assault have different statues of limitations. It is possible that he could be held criminally liable as well as civilly liable should his accusers bring a suit against him before the civil statute runs in each of their particular cases. In many…