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    Getting to Know Ryan McIntyre

    Did you always want to be an attorney?   It was always in the back of my mind because my dad was an attorney and he’s always been a big role model in my life. He’s someone I could talk to about anything and bounce ideas off of. When I went into college, though, I was a biology major and was pretty undecided about what I wanted to do in life. I kept getting drawn into oral advocacy and eventually changed my major to industrial labor relations, which is a subset school at Cornell that sends a lot of people to law school.   What is your favorite area of…

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    Playing by the (New) Rules in the North Carolina Business Court: Part 3

    The North Carolina Business Court’s new Rules went into effect January 1, 2017 and apply to every civil action designated as a mandatory complex business case or assigned to a Business Court judge, regardless of whether it was filed prior to the Rules’ effective date. They are meant to supplement, rather than supplant, the Rules of Civil Procedure and General Rules of Practice, but if there is a conflict with local rules or standing orders from the county of venue, the Business Court’s Rules will govern.   Part 1 of this topic addressed the changes in Notices of Designation, filing, electronic filing technology problems, motions practice, and emergency motions. For…