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    With the Fourth of July approaching, skylines and neighborhoods will be dotted with American flags.  This widely known symbol of patriotism and pride can sometimes lead to legal issues.  Take, for example, the 40×80-foot American flag flying above the parking lot of Gander RV (formerly Camping World) in Statesville, North Carolina.  CEO Marcus Lemonis publicly refused to take the flag down, despite increasing fines for its alleged violation of a city ordinance limiting the size of flown flags.   Statesville passed the relevant ordinance in an effort to prevent the growing practice of displaying Confederate flags.  Lemonis, and others, objected that the ordinance applies to flags of any kind, even…

  • Kids Prohibited at Restaurants
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    Is it Legal to Ban Kids from Restaurants?

    There’s a restaurant in my neighborhood that has a “no children in the bar side of the restaurant” rule. It is a family-friendly Italian restaurant with arguably the best pizza in town. We had no idea of the policy, though we noticed that one side of the restaurant always had tons of children. After the birth of our first child we discovered why. When we requested our favorite booth, we were immediately shut down: “no children or babies on the bar side of the restaurant.” With our heads hanging, we made our way to the “kids’ side.” Were we mad? No. Did we understand? Absolutely. Did we still get to…